Too many projects

2016-11-07 12:35:45 by jaguare19


Well, after 3 years I continued drawing altougth I saw that I need more level for be able to improve myself. Now I have a lot of projects in my folder that I want to do. I have 3 years for do it but maybe it can be a bit hard to release it. Let's see what happens and never stop!


Working sketches

2013-06-16 09:14:16 by jaguare19

Hi to all!

Actualy, I´m drawing xa style, but I have problems to get confidence to draw World of Warcraft, I need much time for used to the tablet and I take confidence. Soon I will submit a news drawings when I finish the school.

Well, see you later.


Working sketches


2013-05-22 14:43:38 by jaguare19


Little by little, day after day, I improve in the drawing. I need more time, but the studies drown me in the artistic sense. Soon I will end the studies, and will be able to advance more.

I´m anxious from that this day comes!


2013-03-30 12:27:57 by jaguare19


I see that people do awesome game in this website, but about the art... What happens in your mind? THe most popular drawings are the best hotter and sexy. I was expected that people drawing more think about the games and this is should be.

WEll, see you later.

Join in NewGrounds!

2013-03-22 21:15:03 by jaguare19

Wow, I never seen before this website. It´s awesome!

I will may learn much about games and art in this website.
If you don´t meet me, I´m a spanish that I want do video games.
But I need much time to do this.

I will be patient.

See you later!